Maisy Hayes is a Youthlinc Service Year Student and Team Blogger on the 2017-18 Nepal June Team. For the latest updates, be sure to follow our blog and social media – Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram!
It’s the middle of the trip and some of us might be over jet lag? Not likely! We are all exhausted over here in Kathmandu! But don’t worry the majority of us our very well caffeinated and running on adrenaline to get the job done!
Never have I personally felt so close with a group of people so fast! We truly have the kindest, most hardworking group of kids. Everyone has reached out to get to know each other, and I have personally loved getting to know everyone on the trip! So far we have the trouble makers which are Adrian and Paul, Saint Susan who has saved all of our lives at least twice, Aaliyah who has been kicking butt on the construction and is being called a “true Nepali women” by some of the locals, and of course Wendy who has made sure everyone was well taken care of and being the best version of themselves. I’ve learned some funny things like Luke popping Pepto Bismol likes it’s candy, Cayden and Dalton are relentless barterers and Sydnee can do yoga just about anywhere. We have all grown so close as a team and such a short amount of time it’s truly amazing.

Our team is also amazingly adaptable. Anyone is ready to teach a class at any point in time whether they are scheduled or not. They will walk into a classroom with nothing but their own imagination and rock the kids socks off. Susan has gone from healing our team to healing anyone who stumbles her way which has included children from the orphanage and even people from the village in desperate need for some medical attention or maybe just a nice big Susan hug. Anyone is willing to hike up their teaching skirts and pants and get dirty if extra work is needed on construction, no matter if they are in rain boots or sandals. Our team is determined and brave.
Last but not least are the connections made. Every time we walk into a classroom the children’s faces light up. They see us and they don’t just see teachers but they see friends, sisters and brothers, and role models. We have the power to motivate and provide hope. Sure some of our English lessons might be forgotten but what will be engraved is the hope and kindness we share in hopes to inspire these children’s young and impressionable minds. The message is clear, you can achieve great things. No matter where you come from you can. I hope to see these children work hard and achieve what they are possible to. I’m excited for the future for them and for us and I can’t wait to finish up the hard work with my new best friends!
-Maisy Hayes