Blog Post 7.7.16

What a wonderful last few days! We were able to completely finish the patio and the wall structures for the canteen. Not only that, but we also painted the outside of the school as well as murals within each one. The students were so excited to see the transformation that occurred, as they attend school six days a week all year long.



The last day of English lessons was lovely, although things got a bit crazy as we were trying to finish painting the rooms. The children were still just as thrilled on our last day with them as they were the first day we got here!

We had our last home visits yesterday, where our team members experienced first hand what it is like to actually live in the Suntakhan village, which is where we worked. There were varying stories that were told about owning livestock and growing different produce, and how others were struck in terribly tragic situations due to last years April 25th earthquake and the aftershocks which followed. Even so, each of us took something personal away from these visits.

Today there was much excitement to celebrate our final 24 hours in the outstanding country of Nepal. We began the day by preparing for the Health Fair (organized by the Community Health Committee), where lessons were taught to both students and adult villagers about good dental hygiene, first aid, and much more. Many of them received first aid and hygiene kits for their families.

The Cultural Committee prepared for the Fun Fair, which included activities such as balloons, bubbles, face painting, friendship bracelets, and even more exciting activities to show our appreciation, and bid a final farewell to the amazing people who welcomed us with open hearts.

After lunch we sat down for closing ceremonies, where we were each presented with a certificate on a plaque and a farewell scarf. Many important people who helped make this journey possible were recognized and we all thanked them profusely for their generosity and kindness. Even in the pouring rain, all of the performances continued which included dances and songs from both the Nepali students and Youthlinc team. Upon finishing this ceremony, we said our goodbyes while tears were shed.

Our final bus ride out of Suntakhan gave us each an opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of this country and all that it has given us. While it may be nice to come home and sleep in our own beds and be with family, it is true for us all that Nepal and its kind people will forever remain permanently in our hearts. The memories made here will live on within each of us, and we will forever remember the many lessons learned through the generosity of this wonderful place.

Namaste and Dhanyabad

-Treasure Lily Lundskog