Nepal June Update by Adam Wall








So far the mountainous country of Nepal has exceeded the expectations of every one, team leaders included. Kathmandu has many beautiful shops and people. Driving is quite wild; each time we journey to the village is a different crazy adventure.  The language barrier is pretty big, but yet communication seems to work across the barriers. The culture is amazing and we got a good taste of it. On our fist day here we landed and drove through the city to a beautiful Stupa (Buddhist temple) and walked through it to find our gorgeous hotel, the Happiness Guest House. It’s four stories, full of many eager faces, and truly kind staff.  After we settled into the Hotel, we took a tour of the beautiful Hindu temple Pashupathinath, full of beautiful sculptures, traditions, and people. While we were there, we witnessed many ceremonies full of deep meaning, and value.  One of the most interesting things that we saw though was the abundance of monkeys. We saw tons of monkeys, crawling all over the place in crevices and jumping from rocks to trees and vice versa. Near the entrance we even saw baby monkeys exploring their new environment, and being protected by their mothers.