Getting to know our fellow team mates is one of the many joys of being part of our respective teams! The interactions that build us as a team before we go on our trips are a crucial part of our bonding and success. On a related, but also a completely random note…

Minnesota is known for a few things:

1. Where the saying “holy cow” originated!
2. Contains Mall of America (consisting of 9.5 million square feet!)
3. Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline (more than California,
Florida, and Hawaii combined)
4. Rochester is home to the world famous Mayo Clinic.
I pose the question…
What does Minnesota have to contribute to our Thailand team?
ANSWER: Only two of the greatest team members anyone could ask for! We are fortunate to have two Minnesotans on our team, but considering the distance between the Beehive State and the North Star State there isn’t much opportunity to get to know these fabulous ladies!

Getting to know Michelle:
Michelle is a senior at Mayo Senior High in Rochester. She will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison (GO BADGERS!) in the fall.
To quote Michelle… “I loveeeee love love drawing and painting.” She is working on a work-in-progress mural that she is painting in her bedroom of random things that she feels like painting.

Like most of us she loves hanging out with friends and listening to music. She fills her “free time” with cross country, running her yearbook staff as editor in chief, and of course…volunteering!
For her service Michelle volunteers at charter house in the supportive care and assisted living. She takes her dog there for pet therapy, gives hand massages, and reads to the residents.

Michelle said, “This service trip is going to be a life changing adventure and I’m so excited to have an international experience where I can help others at the same time. I am Minnesota nice, and I am really excited to meet all you Utah dwellers!”

Getting to know Lexi:
Lexi is also a senior at Mayo Senior High, and her and Michelle are the bestest of friends! She is “beyond excited” to attend the University of Denver (Colorado is beautiful!) in the fall.
She fills the little free time she has with skiing and playing volleyball! She is involved with volunteering at charter house with Michelle and doing those same things.

One of Lexi’s major passions
is Teen Council (Now pay attention because this is an off the wall, legit experience). Lexi is professionally trained to be part of Teen Council to teach at Middle schools and High schools across Minnesota. They teach students about Body Image, Values, Healthy Decision making, Anti-Bullying, Contraceptives, STI’s, etc.

Lexi said, “…we heard about this opportunity and we seized it! Even though we are a bit more isolated from the Utah group, we’re still planning to have a ton of fun with you guys when we meet!”

We too, here in Utah, are excited to meet you girls and share this wonderful experience with you guys!

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