Buenos dias!

Sorry I have not been able to update the blog lately – we have had limited internet access! I am starting to accept the fact I probably will never have much time to update so I will just give a quick overview of what we have been up to! We have been making a LOT of progress and have busy with a lot of different things. As of now, we have had a lot of success teaching English in the classroom and the education committee has definitely prepared a lot of fun lessons. The kids are definitely warming up to us and we are able to play around a lot.. We even taught them the Hokey Pokey which they LOVE!

One of the main goals of the medical committee from the beginning was to put on a health fair addressing and teaching about many of the common issues in the community. We were able to do that yesterday with booths dealing with exercising, first aid, blood pressure, personal hygiene/handwashing, toothbrushing, food safety, and nutrition. A lot of the mothers were very interested in what we had to say and the kids learned a lot as well.

The cultural committee has really helped strengthen the relationship between us and the villagers through painting a mural and teaching a dance. Microenterprise has been busy organizing finances and loans to those who could use them most or who are interested in bettering their situations.. They seem responsive, though the idea is a hard one to get across to them. The construction committee (and other members of the team) have been busy digging a trench to lay pipe for a new bathroom we will be building and we have made a lot of progress.

This past weekend has been spent mostly shopping, sight-seeing, playing soccer, and even going to a local LDS ward for those who were interested. All have been very interesting experiences!


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