Hola, everyone!

I do not have much time at all so I am going to make this super quick! We had some problems in the different airports — In the Mexico City airport, we had to drag the giant YouthLINC duffel bags clear across the airport (which is HUGE), and we were all pretty exhausted. Also, the Mexicana Airlines told us we were allowed only one checked bag each without a fee. We luckily convinced them to let us check both for free to avoid a $5,000 fee! However, not all of our baggage fit on the flight so a third of us got to Tuxtla with no sign of our luggage, though they DID send it on the next flight.

Mexico is beautiful! We visited the village yesterday and the people are amazing. There are SO many children! They presented a big, wonderful opening ceremonies for us full of dancing, music, and poetry, and then we had the opportunity to mingle and play with the people. We are all learning lots of Spanish phrases so we can have small conversations.
Also, yesterday we sorted through all our wonderful donations and we have TONS.. So thank you to all who helped us out! I am super excited to hand those things out to those who need them. We had lots of down time after visiting the village (which will not be very common), so some of us had the chance to visit a little bit of San Cristobal de las Casas, which was an adventure in and of itself.
I am hoping tomorrow morning I will have more time to write, so check it out tomorrow as well!


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