Buenos dias!

Again, I do not have very much time as we are heading up to the village very soon! Yesterday we got a lot done. The construction committee began digging the well though we have to plan work times around the rain (which is frequent!). As for education, we taught 5th and 6th grades and it was so much fun.. The education team definitely put in a lot of effort into their plans and the kids really seemed to enjoy the time we spent there.

The cultural committee started teaching the kids a dance which they will hopefully present at our closing ceremonies toward the end of the trip.. The kids really enjoyed it while secluded inside their classroom, though were more timid when they tried to dance outdoors. Better luck next time!

The medical committee did multiple things — The mentors and a few students had the opportunity to visit two medical clinics in the area, giving us great insight on the wide view of medicine in the communities and helping us with a LOT of information. The other half of the committee that stayed at the village worked on gathering the children`s ages, heights, and weights to calculate BMIs for nutrition assessments.

It seems that most of the children are definitely on the small side, though that has a great amount to do with the culture itself. We have not had a chance to calculate and chart those BMIs though will soon! The microenterprise group met with Ban Chiapas, a branch government microfinance, and we will be giving the money the microenterprise committee has collected, and Ban Chiapas will give out the loans where they can be used to benefit the community. We have lots to do today so there will be plenty more to read tomorrow.
Adios! 🙂

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