I thought this email I got from Jerika was wonderful. She is spending an extra couple of months in Kenya after the team left to help us set up our new service site in Kajuki, and to do some research of her own for classes at Westminster. Right now she is in Nairobi for a few days, and she reflects on what has happened so far.

Her message sums up the Youthlinc experience very well.

Hello my dear family and friends!!!

I am in the heart of Nairobi! Elder and Sister Tuttle are graciously taking great care of me! The traffic is unbelievably dangerous. It is a crazy combination of urban sprawl mixed with fruits, vegetables, furniture, and kangas being sold on the side of the road. People walk across main highways and it isn’t rare to see donkeys pulling their cart and owner. It has been an amazing experience!

I have gained a new home in Kiamuri, saw a lion, danced in an African down pour, streaked a convent (not on purpose), laughed with the nuns, made many wonderful friends, worked hard, and sang songs, danced, and played with the primary and secondary students of Kiamuri, Kenya. There is a need everywhere I look. Father Patrick opened mass by saying “Life is precious.” It is! You can’t stand in the flowing waters twice so enjoy the moment wherever you are.

On Tuesday I will travel to Kajuki where I will live with Father Joe and the sisters there. I love and miss you all. The nuns at the convent in Kiamuri always said that their prayers will “accompany” us whenever we departed. My prayers will also “accompany” you where ever you may be. The more I learn about service the more I realize that life is about family, friendship, and love.

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