Real Life in Salt Lake City (RLSLC) gets underway on January 7th.  We couldn’t wait that long to meet all of our new friends so we threw a Holiday Party where we made gingerbread houses and got to know everyone. 

RLSLC is a teen refugee mentoring program that partners Youthlinc students with teens from the Hser Ner Moo Welcome Center in South Salt Lake.  The program meets 3 times a week and does a variety of activities, lessons, games and field trips. 

There were 34 Real Life teens in attendance at the Holiday Party along with 17 Youthlinc students.  We met at the Hser New Moo Center and it was packed!  Music was playing and all of the participants spread out to make the best gingerbread house they could come up with.  The new Youthlinc students got the opportunity to meet a lot of the teens that they will get to know well over the next few months. 

Prizes were given to the most creative gingerbread houses.  A few of the elementary students were the judges.  Wahe was one of the winners! 

 The party ended in true Real Life fashion – with a dance circle.  Seems as though the Real Life teens have been practicing some of their dance moves they learned last year.  This year’s dance classes may turn into a full on dance competition!


Real Life will begin on January 7th and we will keep you up to date on all of the adventures to come!

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