Hey Youth Linc-ers, this is Meagan blogging about the Kenya 2011 Team’s AMAZING retreat we had January 21st – 22nd.  Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I think I will let them do most of the talking so enjoy!!!
 We all met up at the Youth Linc office for our sleepover and then dug into some good dinner and brain storming in our different groups for what we will be doing in Kenya.
We all got to each make a puzzle piece to add to the big puzzle that was worked on previous by refugees who have come to Utah, we added our puzzle pieces to there’s to show how we all fit together.
Let the games begin!!!  Of course the Kenya team knows how to have a good time, we started out with a few races in our sleeping bags…..
ENDLESS board games…..
And the best of all DANCING……
I think we have some serious talent here……  especially with the guys.
So in the early hours of the morning the Kenya team decided to get some shut eye… even if it was for three or four hours.
Then we headed off to YWCA to help where needed with different cleaning jobs
Team Leader: Scott Bawden, serving the popcorn to families at the YWCA

Kenya’s Retreat turned out to be SO SO SO much fun!!!  Everyone got to know each other, make new friends, and start planning more and more for Kenya.  It is just around the corner and we were so excited to grow closer together, serve and plan for the big adventure coming up in July..  Thanks for everyone’s hard work.

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