Hi everyone! I am thrilled to be joining the Youthlinc team as the International Service & Development Director. Youthlinc is a fabulous organization, doing great things internationally and locally. As such, I am giddy to be a part of this team. I can’t wait to work with all of you and get to know you better.

As an introduction, I am the middle child of seven, raised in Salt Lake. I have always had a passion for travel. The day I turned 18, I packed my bags and left to work at a dude ranch in Teton National Park. From there, I had a blast traveling about the U.S. working all sorts of fabulous jobs– waitressing on Nantucket Island, doing outdoor wilderness survival in the Tonto National Forest, working with foster children in San Diego, etc. Traveling keeps adventure alive!

I started my higher education at the Salt Lake Community College, which formalized my path in humanitarian work. After September 11th, 2001, I had posted fliers all over campus to raise money for the families affected by the tragic events. This caught the attention of the student leaders on campus, and they recruited me on their Student Life and Leadership board to plan campus-wide service projects. I fell in love with service-learning, and ended up

After really full-strength weeks working as the service-learning representative for my campus, and eventually, as Student Body Vice President. Then, I transferred to the University of Utah and worked as the Public Relations Director for the Lowell Bennion Center, working with clubs and planning campus-wide service events. I spent hundreds of hours involved in community service, and graduated with the Service-Learning Scholar designation, with a degree in International Relations.

Afterward, I moved to Guatemala as a Peace Corps volunteer. Living in a poor indigenous village, I was exposed to such poor living conditions, yet, around me, the people found strength to move forward with dignity, grace and hope for a better world. The people– like many of you have experienced– inspired me to move forward, with a commitment to making this world a better place, if even by just a fraction.

Since I’ve been home, I completed my master’s degree in Human Development and Social Policy from the University of Utah.

For my research, I collaborated with local women with refugee status on how resettlement programs might better serve them. I hope to continue working with the women on microenterprise projects.

Through my experiences, my path has crossed many times with those involved with Youthlinc. I have always been impressed with the caliber of people in Youthlinc, and am honored to join you.

Yours in service,
Miriam Kramer

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