Hey Youthlincers, this is Meagan I am the blogger for the Kenya Team, I am here to introduce you to Jaclyn Bawden.  Jaclyn loves boating, especially at Lake Powell, she loves spending time with family and friends.  Jaclyn loves Reese’s, Superman ice cream and loves Cafe Rio.  She want’s to be a dental hygienist and wants to go to Africa because she knows it will be an amazing experience and she wants to help people here.


Scott visited Jaclyn Bawden’s service site this week which is Discovery Gateway.  Jaclyn goes down once or twice a week to volunteer in the play areas.  Her responsibilities are to clean and organize all the play areas and to play and interact with the kids who are there playing.

 There are several fun areas that the kids can play in.  For example, there is a grocery store where the children can pretend they are shopping or pretend they are the employees of the store. 

There are uniforms for them to put on and tons of play food.  There was the cutest little girl named Lucy there who was “in charge”.  She was the take charge checker and she kept us laughing the whole time.  She  knew all about the store and being a checker.  There is also a house, farm, construction site, and a water play area.  Upstairs is a theater area with costumes the kids can put on as well as areas to learn about the weather, broadcasting and even a real medical helicopter the kids can play in.  We had a great time helping the kids with whatever they needed as well as cleaning up all the toys.

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