Match Program

Youthlinc is grateful to partner with many companies and corporations that offer donation match programs.

Below are the steps to complete a matching donation:

  1. Find out if your company does a match program for verified 501C-3 nonprofits 

  2. Check if Youthlinc is on the accepted organization list and/or complete any necessary steps to ensure that Youthlinc is accepted by your company

  3. Complete your match donation request via your company 

  4. Complete the Youthlinc Match Program form

    1. Be sure to read our terms and conditions and upload a receipt or confirmation summary of your match

  5. Wait for the time described in your company’s match program’s guidelines for your donation to be distributed to Youthlinc. 

  6. Once it has been received by Youthlinc, please wait one week for it to be uploaded to you/your child’s fundraising page

Complete your Youthlinc Match Program Form Here: