Hey Madagascar team members! We are excited to start the 2016-2017 Service Year with you. We know you met your Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader at General Orientation (pssst …  read more about them here). We also want to make sure you’re familiar with the awesome Alum Leaders on your team!
Alum Leaders are another link in the chain of command on a Youthlinc team. They serve as role models for student participants, specialize in creating a positive atmosphere for their team locally and internationally, work in partnership with mentors to oversee students in their appointed committees, and help Youthlinc instill a lifetime service ethic in young people. These individuals will be great resources for you throughout the year!
“Hi, I’m Anna Hibbard, a Senior at Brighton High School! I went on my past Youthlinc trip to Nepal and on a humanitarian trip to Bolivia with Choice Humanitarian, volunteer for Intermountain Hospital, and volunteer at Food Bank, apart of the Interact Club where I do numerous service projects. My past experience with Youthlinc was so amazing and life changing that I just had to do it again and I’m so excited to serve the people of Madagascar. I love helping others in any way and to have the opportunity to serve another country just makes me so happy.  My career interests are to become a marine biology or a National Geographic photographer.”


“Hi! My name is Emily Halliday and I am currently going to Westminster College studying Environmental Science and Public Health. I decided to be an alum leader again because I truly love the feeling of knowing that I am personally helping someone else who maybe hasn’t been as fortunate as I have. I believe that if you’ve been given a lot in life, it’s your responsibility to help others who haven’t been given as much. I also know the effects that climate change has had and will continue to have in places like Madagascar, Thailand, Peru, etc. My career interests lay mainly in Public Health and Environmental Science. I am hoping to help people in third world countries as well as our own country to understand climate change and public health in relation to climate change.”


Emily Mann
“Hi! I’m Sarah Remund and last year I served in Thailand with Youthlinc and it was a beyond incredible experience. I’ve been involved in serving both in my community and internationally for several years. I have volunteered at the animal shelter, primary children’s hospital, been an after school peer mentor for refugees, etc. I’m so in love with helping others achieve their greatest potential and through service, I feel I can do just that! Being only 17 and having had so many incredible opportunities has been so amazing. I wanted to be an Alum Leader for Youthlinc because I felt so happy while doing community service and having an awesome team to support me in reaching my fundraising and local service goals. I’m so excited to start this year and continue serving and having these amazing experiences!”



“My name’s  Greta Carse. I’m a senior at Wasatch high school. I’ve been on 2 Youthlinc trips: Cambodia 2015 and Peru and I’m so excited to be going on my 3rd to Madagascar! I’ve volunteered at a local assisted living and hospital throughout my time involved in the program. Youthlinc has helped me discover my passion and that’s service. And I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given to do what I love!”




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“My name is Linda Martinez and I’m in my first semester of college at SLCC and I’m studying to become a neonatal nurse. I went to Guatemala in the summer of 2015 and besides that, I did service at Big Brothers Big Sisters, the children’s center and in elementary schools. I applied to be an Alum Leader because I have a special place in my heart for giving service and I wanted to help others gain more experience and enjoy the amazing things we get to do. And I want to continue my service with Youthlinc because it is the best place to start off with cause of all of it’s diversity and you get to meet many different people. So let me tell you now, Youthlinc is the place to be!”