Over the past three days the team has been working diligently to finish the square foot gardens, begin the brick making of the classroom, and helping the eager woman of the village learn to sew. These projects are coming close to completion, and the team is really pulling together to get everything done before we leave.



On Saturday we trekked up to the village with our hygiene kits in hand and began the health fair. The Health lessons were informative, helpful, and even a little taboo (by Malagasi standards).  Everyone who attended the lesson left with a kit, some new knowledge and a toothbrush to call their own (though one little girl was  kind enough to try and share hers with members of our team).  The team went to bed that night looking forward to sleeping in the next day and the mile long walk to the lemur park.


The lemur park was everything we’d hoped and more, filled with laughing, tears, and lots of lemurs!  We walked the mile back to the hotel and were delighted to see some of the kids from the village who happily ran up to us.  For the rest of the day we enjoyed time spent together as a team as we head into our final week together.