Well, we’re here. Our flights here weren’t the most pleasant, but we made it through. Our trip consisted of 4 plane rides:

That’s not mentioning our layovers. The longest layover was in London and it was 9 hours, and during it we found an empty terminal and took naps. When we arrived in Madagascar we were all like zombies, practically sleepwalking. When we got on the buses we all started to wake up. The bus ride was so fascinating, because we got to see how all the people live.

The next day we went to the village, and honestly, those few hours were worth all those tedious and exhausting plane rides. They were so happy, even though they had so little. We played soccer with the kids, painted nails, blew bubbles, and did many other fun activities. They were all so excited to see us, and that made us all so happy. This trip is going to be one we never forget!