We have made so much progress since our last update! On vocational team we have taught the women how to make diapers, bags, head bands, zipper pouches, and skirts! It was incredible to see how fast the women picked it up. Some of them had never seen a sewing machine before and within about an hour they had made a diaper. It was incredible!

On construction we have the foundation completed and two walls up on the building. Our team has worked so hard.

The garden is completely finished now and looks beautiful!

Business has made a lot of progress as well we our going to help two villages get started on raising chickens. Business committee gave out computers to those of the villagers that completed computer training.

Educational committee has taught so much English to all the children they have been able to communicate with us all by themselves it’s been amazing to see that transformation in them. We have also completed a lot of the mural on the side of the school, it looks gorgeous.

Today we completed the health fair the villagers were so excited to receive the hygiene kits. The turnout was awesome all of them were so enthusiastic and engaged in what we had to teach them about their health. One of the lessons was on smoking and tobacco and at the end of that lesson there were women crying when they realize all of the harmful effects that had been inflicted on their bodies.

We had the incredible opportunity to attend the cultural tradition of the turning of the bones that the families do every seven years to bury and show respect to their dead. At the festivities they danced and drank and re wrapped the family bodies in linen.

Also we had a soccer game with the locals. It was an amazing opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate something we have in common. It is so true that we all speak the same language-it just sounds a little different.

Tomorrow we have a Catholic Church visit then we are going to a Lemur park and will finish up our work in the village on Monday!