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Low Service Plan of Action

Youthlinc Service Year humanitarians are required to contribute 50 hours of local service between October 15th and June 1st. At least half of the required hours, minimally 25 hours, must be contributed at one location considered the student’s main service site. All hours must be logged and verified in the Local Service Directory in order to count.

According to Youthlinc Policies Section C, humanitarians are expected to complete half of the required hours, 25 hours with minimally 15hours at a main service site, by March 1st. Humanitarians who fall short of this expectation must complete a Low Service Hour Plan of Action to assure successful completion of the Youthlinc Service Year.

I have the following plan to complete the required hours by June 1st of this service year:

By signing this form, I commit to following this volunteer schedule to assure succesful sompletion of the Youthlinc Service Year:

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On the youthlinc Service Year!