Youthlinc participants really are making a huge difference in the lives of those in their community.  We received this letter from a man who is being helped by some of the Youthlinc participants who are volunteering with Good Shepherd Home Care and Hospice.

“I want to thank you for the help I have received with my wife, Kaye Scott. We have been dealing with dementia/Alzheimer’s since 1995. Kaye has been receiving hospice care from Good Shepherd for the past two years. I appreciate the help everyone has given us all this time.  Now I am receiving help from volunteers associated with Youthlinc arranged by Good Shepherd. These young college students are making my stress level go way down as they come to stay with Kaye so I am able to get out of the house for a few hours each day.  Kaye is not able to be left alone.  These young ladies are so kind and gentle with her. They encourage me to get out, do something I’ve been wanting to do, take a nap, etc. They make it so I don’t need to worry about Kaye being okay. I can go exercise or whatever and know that Kaye will be fine.  These volunteers are really interested in helping others. I think they are committed to giving of themselves to help improve others quality of life. I think they will excel in performing humanitarian service.  I know my life would be considerably different if it were not for Good Shepherd arranging for these volunteers and their willingness to help. They have been fabulous.  Thanks again for your help in making Youthlinc possible.   Sincerely,  Rex”

All Youthlinc participants are doing great work!  You are changing lives!  Keep it up!

Good Shepherd

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