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Kenya Team Update!

Hello Parents and Loved Ones of the Kenya Team,

I just wanted to bring you some wonderful Wednesday news about the progress of the team. I just talked to Britnie! She was so full of emotions as she spoke about how amazing this team is! They have worked 110% and all become so close.

Here are a few things she told me about:

  • Construction: The are constructing 2 brand new classrooms and they are almost FINISHED! This is such a huge task. They do this all with their hands from mixing cement on the ground to digging and laying the bricks! 2 new classrooms is such an asset to the village. Education is something that can never be taken away and this will allow more students the right to be taught.

  • Health: Everyday they have had a women health fair. A nursing student on the team planned Maturation Lessons for the 6,7, and 8th grade girls and it went great. She made feminine hygiene kits for all the girls (she made hundreds of re-usable pads, especially because that it something that you can get readily in the village) and when she was teaching her lesson all the girls in the class began to cheer! She broke into tears because who would have thought you could be so happy to have a lesson on Maturation something that most girls in America dread. They have also been teaching the women in the village about Cycle Beads which has gone over great!

  • Teaching: Before your students left they all planned a prepared a lesson to teach while in the village. Whether is was art, dancing, hygiene, simple English lessons or how to blow bubbles they all have been teaching like crazy! The children in the village can’t get enough! Britnie says she is so proud of all the students because they are just working so hard to leave an impact on this village and she has seen them grow this year and now they get to finally put all their planning into practice!

  • Microenterprise: Everyday the Microenterprise committee has been having meetings with business co-ops to decide on where they will be giving loans. This committee before they left raised over $3000 to give small business loans to the different groups they were meeting with.

  • Vocational Training: They just started teaching baking and computer lessons to the teens and women in the village. Hoping to leave with them skills that they can start their own business. This has gone great! They were able to bring laptops and a lot of cooking supplies with them which they will leave with the village.

I hope you all know how truly proud all of us at Youthlinc are to have your students involved! This organization exists to create Lifetime Humanitarians and I know that we were successful with this stellar group! Your kids are soaking up every second of their time with this village and are going to be full of so many life changing stories to share with you when they get home! Thank you for sharing them with us and allowing us to be apart of all of your lives this year! They will all be home before we know it! Can you believe it has already been a week since they left! I hope this brightens your day.


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