Hello Parents and Loved Ones of the Kenya Team,

I just wanted to bring you some wonderful Wednesday news about the progress of the team. I just talked to Britnie! She was so full of emotions as she spoke about how amazing this team is! They have worked 110% and all become so close.

Here are a few things she told me about:

I hope you all know how truly proud all of us at Youthlinc are to have your students involved! This organization exists to create Lifetime Humanitarians and I know that we were successful with this stellar group! Your kids are soaking up every second of their time with this village and are going to be full of so many life changing stories to share with you when they get home! Thank you for sharing them with us and allowing us to be apart of all of your lives this year! They will all be home before we know it! Can you believe it has already been a week since they left! I hope this brightens your day.

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