On Saturday, April 7th, we held a micro-enterprise fundraiser “Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt” at East High School in Salt Lake City. At the meeting earlier that morning our team stuffed over 1500 plastic Easter eggs with candy that were later scattered on East’s back softball field that were later collected up in a frenzy by approximately 150 people.

We raised $808.00 from tickets, raffle tickets, and donations from the event and handed out over $1000.00 worth of gift certificates and prizes including gift cards to Barnes & Noble, The Cheesecake Factory, Amazon, and VIP tickets to the Living Planet Aquarium!

These gift certificates were numbered which corresponded to numbers that were placed inside certain eggs because they would not fit. The bigger prizes like Skull Candy earbuds and a waterproof jacket were won through the raffle with tickets that were purchased for $1.00. Hot chocolate was served and plastic bags and flashlights were distributed to those who had not brought these supplies. There was a great turnout of people who came to hunt for eggs and support the people of Kajuki, Kenya and enjoyed a fun-filled evening of egg hunting, hot chocolate, and socializing with friends.

The Kenya team is doing a phenomenal job funding and getting our donations together. Each month that we meet together, we are getting to know each other better and staying right on top of schedule!

Special thanks to Scott and Kevin for all of the work that they do to make everything happen. They are so great at bringing everyone together and making everyone feel welcome!! We love you!!

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