First to start off, CONGRATULATIONS TO MARINA McKEILL FOR ALREADY COMPLETING ALL OF HER SERVICE HOURS. Marina spent majority of her time volunteering at the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Marina said, “At the aquarium we help out all of the guests that have questions about our animals as far as what they do and their habitat, life expectancy, etc. The staff there is so amazing and always greets everyone with smiles and they are just all around fantastic and the volunteer coordinator (Melissa Bowers Thailand Team) is Awesome.  She makes everything fun!! I love volunteering because you learn new things each time you go and the kids and the adults get so excited about the smallest fact. It’s a great place to volunteer.” Thanks Marina for all of your hard work thus far. You are on a roll. I know that the service that you did was much appreciated. ALSO congrats to:

Jordan Parkinson with 73 hours,
Laura Boyer with 68 hours,
Macie Boyle with 63 hours


As for the Kenya team we have a total of 1,130 service hours and counting!

The Kenya team is moving right along. We have all been working very hard on trying to accomplish our volunteer service hours at our local service sites. Every month we go around and each take turns sharing our experiences about our service opportunities. It’s been a fun experience to hear the impact that each person is making.

For our last meeting we completed a service project and collected fleece blankets, tied the ends and donated them to the children’s hospital in Salt Lake. It was a great project. We all had a great time.

These meetings are becoming more and more exciting overtime because not only we are getting closer to departure date, BUT we are all getting to know each other so well and becoming good friends!

We had a great getting to know you activity this past meeting as well! This fun little activity planned by Callie made us all come out of our little bubbles and expand on our comfort zones. We each stuck a piece of tape on our noses and had to take the tape off of each others noses by going up really close to them and trying to attach it onto our tape on our nose. This was a funny activity! Thanks Callie for preparing this! Congrats to our winner, JASON COLLIER, for dominating by getting the most tape on his nose!

Special Thanks to Marina and her mom, Katena, for spending time on making the Kenya Team some bracelets! This was so thoughtful of them and very much appreciated! We love you! Now we will always have these bracelets to remember the amazing memories we have together and continue to have together.

Everything is going great for the Kenya team! Thanks to every ones help and participation we are moving right along!

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