Once again, we all split off into groups to get as much done as possible. It is very hot and we have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. A couple of people have experienced minor heat stroke, but the Nuns have taken great care of them and they are back in the mix of things. So here is how the day went

Construction is coming along very good. We all have about 3 or 4 rows of the walls put up and we really hope to have it finished before Tuesday. Today they had us carrying over the bricks and chiseling them smooth so they look nice on the walls.

Teaching is also going very well. All the people who have taught have loved it and the kids and teachers enjoy having us there.

The libraries are going very well. We have them set up at the Kiamuri Primary School, and Kauthene Primary School. The kids were so happy to have the new books to read. We talked to them and set up rules to follows so they have some responsibility over the book. This way we ensure they stay nice and are used for the right reasons.

I would still have to say my favorite thing is the kids, both primary and secondary school students. I went in the high school today and they tested me on my math. I aced their quiz, then i quizzed them with some calc. They didn’t get it at first, but they caught on. I also ran myself to exhaustion playing soccer with some of the boys. It was very fun and it was cool to be able to bond like that with the kids who don’t speak my language.Playing soccer with the boysTeaching at Holy FamilyChiseling the bricks for the school

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