Today all the fun began. We woke and were served another wonderful breakfast by the Nuns. We then broke up into what we were gong to and went our separate ways. We had people teaching in the school, putting together libraries, teaching maturation, and construction 2 classrooms.

To state, the teaching went great. The people who went teaching fell in love with the cute kids and did an awesome job teaching about emotions, seasons, math, reading, etc.

The libraries are also going well. I’m not quite sure exactly what they are doing but I will get the info and let you know.

Anna and the maturation program was a grand slam. She ha the girls laughing, the opened up, asked questions, and when she brought out the hygiene packets to give the girls, they all cheered which brought Anna to tears. She had spend many hours putting them together and was not sure if they would appreciate them.

Construction is moving along fast. We got all the foundation for one classroom finished and our goal for the trip is to have it completely finished before we leave. We were able to mix cement, which is not as easy as it sounds considering you have to mix it with dirt, the lay it out, mix rocks into in, the pour water all over it, then get it poured and put into place before it dries.

After we had finished with stuff for the day, we went to a primary school where they sang, danced, and once again gave us gifts. I keep saying this over and over and over, but these people and the most loving, giving people I have ever met. When i get back to America, which i really don’t want to, i hope i can be as half as generous as the people of Kiamuri. They all have so little, but they give you anything they can. It truly is amazing.
School kids saying hello in the middle of the day. A much needed break from the construction, not going to lie.Working hard, or hardly working, eh.Bahati! The youngest member of Youthlinc ever? Hope to see her back there in 20 years as a student.The biggest centipede I have ever seen in my life! We had to kill it, before it killed us, lieterally.Kelley Jo and Jackson, now my best buds, mixing cement like true Kenyans.

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