Today we woke up and divided into groups and went with the villagers to their church. We divided up into 9 different groups and all went to a different denomination. It was quite a walk to get to the churches. My walk was only about 30-45 minutes, however Britnie’s group walked for 2 hours! It was here at the church that i realized the enormity of this trip. I’m not on a cruise ship, I am living with the people of Kiamuri, in their village, part of their family for 2 weeks. I am one in 30 people IN THE WORLD to be sitting in a church in Kiamuri.I brought balloons to play with the kids with and they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Isaac brought me a gift this morning, but I had already left for church, so after, Britnie let Lauren and I go with Isaac’s friend to surprise him at his shamba. It was such a neat experience to be able to walk through Kenya and truly see how life works. At reflections tonight, we had everyone write something that was on their mind from back home that the couldn’t quite let go of. We then played the song “Waka waka” by Shakira and had them crumple it up and throw it in the middle, just to symbolize forgetting home and getting lost in the service and people of Kiamuri. It was a really nice bonding time with our group. It honestly was awesome. Everyday just keeps getting better.Little girl playing with a blown up water balloon. I wasn’t even this excited for a car on my 16 birthday…the lessons I learnedThe church Sam, Genevieve and I attended on Sunday.One of the most beautiful children I have ever seen in my life.This man bought me sugar cane as a gift. Those are my glasses too, but I think they fit him better.

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