Hello All

My name is Kyler McGee and I am the blogger for the Kenya team this year! Our trip is quickly approaching and the nerves are only growing bigger. It seems like I still have a ton to do before I board the plane on the 23. I turned in my last hours last week and finally got my malaria prescription filled after losing it 3 times… I don’t think there will be internet access available in the village where we will be staying, so I won’t be able to blog while on the trip. I am okay with this because, in all honesty, I want to forget about the real world. I want to forget about my cell phone, my Facebook, my car, friends, even family. I want to forget about everything for 2 weeks and get lost in the people and culture of Kenya. So I apologize ahead of time to anyone out there who was just dying to stay updated on the Kenya trip while we are in country. I will be keeping a journal every night and later be posting them as blogs after I return on July 9th. I am growing more excited every day our trip draws nearer. I know it will be worth everything it has taken me to get here, and more!

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