Honoring the Memory of Jarrod Phillips

To honor of the memory of Jarrod Phillips, the family has requested a project be done in the country of Fiji, a place where Jarrod had a deep love and connection. 

Youthlinc, a 501c3 nonprofit based in Salt Lake City, works with the Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset to coordinate humanitarian work, infrastructure development, and youth empowerment.  

Youthlinc volunteers travel to Fiji each year after a year-long humanitarian and leadership development experience, serving first in local communities throughout Utah, while planning and preparing projects to take place in Fiji.  Rotary in Fiji coordinates Youthlinc’s efforts to ensure any projects are done in a sustainable, high-quality way.

The Phillips family would like to celebrate Jarrod’s legacy by supporting a clean water project and classroom expansion at an elementary school, building a local community center, and ensuring that the elementary school is equipped with a computer lab and required internal infrastructure. This school is near Narikoso village, Rakiraki in northern Fiji.

The elementary school has over 200 students and currently does not have access to clean water for the students or teachers, nor a proper sanitation strategy.

We desire to install water filtration and catchment systems, computer lab, and classroom expansion at the school, a build a community center– all in Jarrod’s honor.