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Youthlinc offers to programs for international service. The Youthlinc Service year is a nine month program that allows humanitarians to participate in local service before their international capstone trip. 

Global Community Leadership is a program in partnership with Utah State University that allows college-aged students to earn college credit for participating in a service-learning trip.


The Youthlinc Service Year is an opportunity for High School students to find their love of service through local service and an international 2 week service capstone trip.


College students can participate in the Youthlinc Service Year where they will complete local and international service, or can earn college credit through out Global Community Leadership program.


Youthlinc has places for adults in our Service Year Program. Each team has 5-7 adults. These adults help lead committees, and make sure humanitarians are safe while in-country.


If your child is looking into participating in the Youthlinc Service Year, we have resources for you to understand the program and what we do to ensure your participant's safety.


Looking to participate in another Service Year trip? There are so many opportunities for returning participants!

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