“My main service sight is Primary Children’s Rehab Center Ogden. I’ve been volunteering there for about 5 months now. I go there every Wednesday, 3-6 pm. While I’m there my duties consist of cleaning the toys that have been used during appointments, cleaning the therapy equipment, assisting the physical and occupational therapists. I really enjoy volunteering there. I’m hoping to go into physical therapy for my career when I get older so this is very helpful to see how to help the kids work through their disabilities.”  – Bryce Wheeler



“I volunteer at Midvale Elementary with a program called the Mustang Club. It is an after school program that works through the Boys and Girls Club.  I volunteered almost every day in January and February and from now on I will volunteer about two Thursdays a month. I volunteer after school from about 2:40 to 5:20.  My main responsibility is the Kindergarteners. During the day I help the Kindergarteners with their homework, art activities, behavior, and making sure that they are all listening to the staff.  One memorable moment that I had when volunteering was when the kids were really beginning to know me.  And after they had their snack we went outside and had recess. Two of the girls wanted me to play with them and so I decided to play a game I used to play at recess, a game on the map painted on the blacktop.  So we played that the entire time and now we play it every day!  Some other kids have joined us and it’s a bunch of fun.  I’ve learned that these kids need this program.  I’ve had experiences where they told me about their situations at home and I can’t help but want to help them!  I’m glad they have got this after school program so they don’t have to go home and be by themselves while their parents are working or whatever else their situation may be!”  -Mary Ruff  



“I volunteer at the NICU in the Jordan Valley Hospital. I go every week for 5 hours. I help restock baby clothes, supplies, hold crying babies, feed them, etc.! I have loved it so much and I’m really glad I could do this! My most memorable moment would have to be when I witnessed a c-section! It was an amazing experience and surprisingly it wasn’t gross at all! I love seeking all the tiny babies and watching them progress and see them when they finally get to leave home.” – Kendall Burgess


“I volunteer at Friday’s Kids Respite Care. I absolutely love it! I volunteer pretty much every weekend for about three and a half hours or more. What I do is spend one on one time with special needs kids while their parents go out and do whatever they need to do. My main responsibility is to watch over and care for the child I am paired with. It is a lot of fun because I basically just play for three and a half hours. I have also been given the opportunity to be a volunteer coordinator.  My responsibility then is to run the facility. I pair the volunteers with their child, I regulate snack and movie time, and I also rotate every 30 min with the nurse and document what activity the child is doing for progress reports for that child. I have had a lot of memorable moments. The first one that came to mind though was when I got “married.” The darling boy I was paired with was/is in love with me. He proposes every weekend and we get “married” in the Salt Lake Temple. He loves holding my hand and telling everybody that we are married. I have learned a lot about myself volunteering at Friday’s kids. I had no idea how much I could love a child that wasn’t my own. I have gotten to know the kids pretty well and I am learning more and more everyday about their personalities.  They have the sweetest spirits and can brighten any room they walk in to! I am in love with where I volunteer and I LOVE every child I have gotten to and continue to work with.”  -Whitney Hinz



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