Our team was very lucky to go to the fisherman village that the Rotary Club of Patong Beach built for the displaced fishermen after the catastrophic tsunami.  We visited with them, and brought them hygiene kits, fruit and flowers. It was an outstanding and powerful experience.  “It was really different seeing how they lived compared to what we have seen already. They were so grateful for everything after losing everything in the tsunami.” ~Lyndi10520728_10152881890536729_1651671220_n

On a day to day basis, some of our team members had the chance to go to Home & Life orphanage with the older students at the Burmese Learning Center, as part of their initiatives to sustain a local hydroponic garden.  Some members go to the health clinic and help women work on their English medical terms, taking breaks from working hard to learn Down-by-the-Banks. “The lady I was helping was curious about games and songs to teach her kids. We played down-by-the-banks and the women loved it! It was their first time ever playing it. Even though I got out just seeing how great of a time everyone was having it made me a little teary eyed. It was so fun!” ~Ashley

Yesterday we started our day off by watching a Buddhist Lent parade! In the morning our entire team lined the streets of Kuraburi and watched as a parade marched down the street. Not only did we watch but we were able to participate! Being from a different country people notice us because we stand out like a sore thumb. We were taking pictures of the floats and people and they were taking pictures of us. It was really cool to be able to walk along with the parade people and see the school children bringing food to the monks for Lent.10523346_10152879353786729_1814969048_o

That night we were very fortunate to be able to go to a beautiful Buddhist Temple in honor of Buddhist Lent. As well as participate in prayer, the candle ceremony with the monks, and setting off floating lanterns into the sky.  It was truly spectacular.

Today was a fun and exciting day. We went canoeing through a beautiful river. We stopped in the canoe and were able to feed the fish. As we continued through the river we stopped by a cool little cave where we were able to get out and have delicious hot chocolate in cute bamboo cups. After that we headed back through the river and had some crazy splash fights! We also got to ride on elephants today. It was such an awesome adventure!  “Riding elephants was so fun, it felt like I was in a movie!”- Nicole

“With all the things I’ve done on this trip I could die now and be happy!”- Katelyn

We can’t believe this is almost over but we are soaking in every last moment we get in this amazing country.

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