AlumLeader2014For the first time in Youthlinc history, we’ve invited student alums to apply to participate on a second Service Team in our newly created Alum Leader position.

THEIR ROLE:  Alum Leaders take on additional service leadership responsibilities.  Mainly, they co-chair a committee on their team with a Mentor, work with students on their committee, and lead efforts to raise $1,000 each for project funds.

THEIR IMPACT:  Alum Leaders strengthen teams by sharing their knowledge of committee work and their international experiences.  They inspire others with their passion for service.  They will undoubtedly make even more substantial changes in the communities they serve, both internationally and here in our neighborhoods.

We couldn’t be more proud of our 36 2014 Alum Leaders for taking humanitarianism to the next level. 

For more info on applying to be an Alum Leader, or job responsibilities, click here.

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