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Youthlinc Local Service Director, Julia Rametta, has heard countless reasons from students about why they do not volunteer in their local communities.  The reason most often heard is: “I don’t know where to start.”

“These Utah students want to volunteer in their communities, but getting started was harder than they thought,” says Rametta.  “The new Youthlinc Utah Local Service Directory makes finding a rewarding service site so much easier.”  

The online Directory is unique because it is the first free, open source, youth directed service resource in the State that also operates as a logging hours tool. Users of the site are able to create an account, log service hours, verify hours with a supervisor, and post reviews about the service site.  Service providers can also update agency contact info, upload photos and advertise opportunities to volunteers.

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The new Directory is an online, interactive resource that allows users to search by Utah area and service type (e.g., volunteering with kids, the elderly, health care, or environmental agencies).  The Directory provides a selective list of over 130 organizations and sites recommended by students for hands-on volunteer opportunities in a positive mentoring atmosphere where student volunteers are needed and valued. Since 2005, the Youthlinc Utah Local Service Directory was a printed magazine distributed statewide.

“I’ve looked for a variety of service opportunities in the past and I’ve always been able to turn to the Youthlinc Local Service Directory to find both long-term and short-term projects”, says Lisa Moynihan, student volunteer and Utah Young Humanitarian Award winner.  “I love volunteering but sometimes it’s hard to know where I should devote my time.  With the Directory I can easily look up an organization and serve.”


“As service educators we are always looking for ways to get students involved in service and record their impact in the community”, says Julie Tille, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement at Westminster College.  “The Local Service Directory allows anyone to track his or her hours and submit verified information to anyone.”

Anyone can access the Directory at

Youthlinc is a Utah based local and international service organization for youth. The Utah Local Service Directory is one of four core programs of Youthlinc. Others include the local and international Service Year, the Utah Young Humanitarian Award, and Real Life Salt Lake City, a teen refugee mentoring program.  For more information about Youthlinc visit the website

For more information, email or call 801-467-4417.

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