Our teams are busy getting ready for their trips, coming up in June and July! Not only are our teams engaged in their local service, they are busy fundraising for their project funds, and planning out their trips. Here’s a summary of what each team is working on:

The Friends & Family Team is similarly fired up to serve Peak Sneng in June, where they’ll be making improvements to the school, installing water filtration systems, and working with the recipients of 2011’s animal exchange program.

Our Cambodia Service Team will be partnering with Sustainable Cambodia in Pursat to serve the community of Chung Ruk. They’ll be building a classroom, installing water filtration systems, raising money for bikes, raising money to offer 10 families livestock as part of their microenterprise efforts, and much more.

The Guatemala Team is partnering with the non-governmental organization and school Ak’tenamit to serve indigenous villages on the Rio Dulce River. The team will build bunk beds, book shelves, teach soap-making classes, and provide educational, health, and sports supplies.

The Peru Team is preparing to serve a new village: Yanamono II. They’ll be building a small bridge over an Amazon tributary, fundraising for a water filtration system and public bathroom, furnishing and supplying the village’s small medical clinic.

The Kenya Team is getting excited to meet the community of Kajuki, a rural impoverished village near Meru. They will be building a girls’ dorm and bathrooms, building chairs and tables for a community dining hall, renovating a baby school, and outfitting a science lab.

The Thailand Team will return to Phang Nga, to work on a school fishpond, computer lab and school renovation.

We applaud the efforts of our 2012 teams. As you continue to serve, we know you’ll find joy in being a catalyst for positive change in the world!

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