Hey Everyone!!  This is Meagan blogging yet again about one of our fabulous team members going to Africa, Heidi Malan.  Heidi loves to run, read, hike and scrapbook.  She loves Cafe Rio and chocolate, and she has been to China and Mexico.  Heidi wants to go to Africa because she loves to be involved and thrives on new experiences.

Scott visited Heidi Malan’s service site this week which is the Box Elder Family Support Center.  The provide a Kid’s Care Center, Family Life Education, and Family Therapy for residents of Box Elder County.  Heidi is majoring in Social Work and heavily involved with the organization.  She volunteers several days each week and already has all of her service hours done for her Kenya trip.  Way to go Heidi!!!  On this night there was a parenting class being held for adults and we took the children into another room for a lesson and activities that Heidi has developed as part of her schoolwork.  The lesson was about feelings and emotions.  She had several activities where the kids could talk about what makes them feel happy as well as other emotions and helping them understand and learn new words about their feelings.  At the end they were able to look through several magazines and cut out faces of people who were showing different emotions.  They glued the faces onto cardboard and wrote which emotion they were showing in the picture.  We had a great evening with a fun group of kids.  Heidi also is available for the Crisis/Respite Nursery which is a service for parents to bring their children to the center when they need a brief period of rest and recovery.  She participates in educating parents in-home on skill building and family interactions.  She also gets to participate in counseling sessions with families as part of her developing her social work skills.

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