Yummy food, ROCKIN dance moves, and more great friendships–last Friday and Saturday were full of it all! Mike and Angie Denison let us raid their house for a sleepover retreat on Friday and by the time we left on Saturday, we all felt like we were leaving our second home.

Thanks to all of the team for bringing the food, which was completely filling and very delicious! If nothing else, we found out that our team can make quite the meal! We got a little taste of the food we will be eating while in Bautista Grande, Mexico and that alone got some of us even more excited to go.

Although the food was great, it was hardly the highlight of the retreat. After putting hygiene kits together as a group, we played some more get to know you games that really had us laughing. All the games were a blast, but a huge thank you to the Nintendo Wii for coming out with Just Dance! Watching everybody rock out was awesome, but we did find out that two of our boy teammates are, by far, the best dancers in the group! I have a feeling they will have a lot of fun with the kids in Mexico that might show us some dances at the cultural exchange activities.

We also got to hear almost all the teammates name nearly everyone on the team! We all realize that now that we have those names in our minds, they will be there for a LONG time! In the morning, we got to put cards together for people who have been a help to our communities, and had fun putting our own little creative twists on things–even though we just had to laugh at ourselves if we couldn’t tie a bow or if we “aged” something on the wrong side.

Something about laughing just brings a group together, and thank goodness for that! There were so many friendships made and strengthened that night, and above all, that made us the MOST excited for our trip! There’s definitely something special about Team Mexico, and none of us can wait to bring it with us to the people of Chiapas.

Other meetings with Team Mexico have been fun, but the retreat was indeed the most exciting yet! We can’t wait til our whole team can be together from all around Utah and even our Minnesota Teammates!

Go Team Mexico 2011!

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