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Our team returned to Pacoxpon and Las Escobitas on Monday morning in high spirits. Throughout the week, we continued English camp in both communities. At the community center, the vocational committee led the women of Pacoxpon as they finished sewing aprons, headbands, shirts, and bags. In addition to sewing, the men and women of Pacoxpon advanced their hair-cutting skills as they began to practice on real hair.

By the end of the two weeks, the construction teams had finished installing cement floors in 37 different homes within the Pacoxpon community. Youthlinc members worked tirelessly to install stoves in many of these homes. The people of Pacoxpon will never have to cook over an open fire again.

On Wednesday, we began creating a mural in order to commemorate our time spent with the beautiful people of Pacoxpon. The mural is separated into three sections, with the leftmost section depicting Guatemalan scenery and the rightmost section depicting the mountains of Utah. The middle contains a tree with leaves created from the handprints of members from both Youthlinc and the Pacoxpon community.

On Saturday, to end our last day in the village, we had our Fun Fair, which was enjoyed by all of the kids. An entertaining soccer tournament ensued where the adult villagers schooled the Youthlinc team 7-2. Following the soccer tournament, a beautiful closing ceremony occurred where many tears were shed and many hugs were given.

The Youthlinc team will always remember Guatemala, the people there, and what a life changing experience this was for us. You will always be in our hearts Pacoxpon and Las Escobitas. We will miss you greatly Guatemala!

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