“This was an amazing experience. It was the hardest things I have ever done in my life but I am forever changed.” -Kristy Hanni
“I have learned, more than anything else, I don’t change the people I work with but rather they change me. The best way to feel happy is to serve others. The best way to learn to love is through service.” -Michelle Moynihan
“After going to Guatemala I have grown such a great love for others. There is no greater feeling than being able to see someone smile because of something you’ve done.” -Rebekah Ericson

“No doubt we used all the time we had, but I wished that we had more time.” -Ryan Davis

“Serving not only helps those you are helping but makes you a more generous and compassionate person. It makes people happy!” -Kristy Hanni

“My participation in Youthlinc this year has given me a deep desire to serve others. Youthlinc’s program is excellent and I have no doubt that I will continue to be a humanitarian throughout my life.” -Ryan Davis

“This experience has convinced me to always serve. Not because I feel that I must contribute, but more because of the humanity, love, respect, responsibility, tolerance and determination it gives me.” -Hannah Morrison

“I realized that I am my best self when I lose myself in the service of others. I love the feeling of satisfaction & joy that I felt after completing each project & each day of service; that’s what I want to feel for the rest of my life.” -Zoe Leavitt

“The best moment was when all the kids lined up to give us hugs and say goodbye; those relationships will ever burn in my heart.” -Lindsey Newton

“I have enjoyed this opportunity more than words can say. Service crosses all barriers; language and everything. The desire to be a lifetime humanitarian is completely imbedded in me from this experience.” -Bree Jones

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