The cultural committee is responsible for helping break down cultural barriers while we are in Vietnam.  We wish them luck in overcoming the language barrier!  They will be in charge of games, opening and closing ceremonies, the music program, and conducting oral histories with the families in country.  In preparation, they will be researching and teaching our team about the local history and customs of Vietnam and what is and is not culturally acceptable, as well as gathering game/sports equipment to donate to the village. 
The vocational committee is in charge of teaching the women/older students in Vietnam to make soap.  Through this, they will be helping create successful small enterprises.  In order to do this, they will (hopefully!) learn how to make soap themselves, and will need to fundraise to cover the starting expenses.


The microenterprise committee is in charge of helping the people of Vietnam create a small businesses.  The people of Song Cau have chosen to create a Fish Sauce Project.  In country, the committee will teach lessons on microenterprise and create a community governing board.  In preparation, they will raise funds for microcredit loans to distribute in the area.


While in Song Cau, the education committee with be responsible for teaching the kids basic English Lessons, carrying-out the Mondo Art Project (a global art exchange which Real Life is helping with), and working together with the local village kids to produce a mural.  In preparation, they will be responsible for collecting school supplies to create school kits for the kids.
The health committee has a big job in country.  They will be teaching maturation (if Britnie is to be believed, this is supposedly fun in other countries…), training medical assistants, teaching group/home/classroom health lessons (hygiene, first aid, etc), and conducting a community needs assessment.  Beforehand, they will be fundraising health supplies to stock the clinic.
The construction committee is headed by a few lucky individuals who are part of multiple committees, but every member of our team is part of it.  Together, we will help build homes for villagers who currently live in mud and thatched roof homes as well as help repair the local school.
days until takeoff: 164 and counting!!

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