The Global Community Leadership (GCL) Program is a Youthlinc core program in partnership with Utah State University designed to meet the demand of college students. Participants are encouraged to enroll for credit through USU, even if they are a non-traditional student, or participate for no credit.

The goal of these study abroad trips is to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a “humanitarian” by exposing you to an integrated local and international experience embedded in academic learning.

GCL guides participants in an impactful direction, creating community leaders who have a practical and academic understanding of the complexities of local and international citizenship humanitarianism, and diplomacy.


GCL teams are made up of one professor and 10-20 participants. Teams will prepare for several months before their trip through project development and an online learning component. 


Study abroad and have a unique hands-on service learning experience. Each team has a specific academic focus and international projects.


Participants can enroll for credit through Utah State University, or participate not for credit, although everyone is expected to engage in the coursework.


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Visit specific trip information pages to register for credit.