Peru team 2011 arrived home safely this afternoon. We left Iquitos on Sunday morning, flew to Lima where we bought atleast 3 alpacas worth of sweaters total, and enough Peruvian soccer jerseys to outfit a whole team. After, we ate a celebratory dinner at La Rosa Nautica restaurant in Lima, where the chicken dish most of us thought we would be eating, turned out to be octopus, calamari, and scallops. Not a hint of chicken. Lost in translation, I suppose. 🙂 Nonetheless we enjoyed the last hooray together at dinner as we took pictures and reminisced about our adventures. I believe that word most correctly sums up the trip. Adventure. From anacondas to pink dolphins and giant spiders, to falling in love with the people of Palmeras and feeling the pain of a broken heart as we said goodbye to village. With Jenny continually in our heart and prayers, as we bonded with the villagers over such a tragedy. I will never forget the closing ceremonies as the Youthlinc team and the entire village said a prayer in unity on behalf of Jenny and her health. Though we couldn’t understand their prayer, I could feel the strength and bond of friendship that had increased so quickly in the last days, as we all worked hard for Jenny and thought of her sweet spirit.

It will definitely take some adjusting to the lack of jungle bugs buzzing around at night, and I already miss the voices of the kids yelling our names every 4 seconds. But we accomplished a lot and I can say proudly that some serious service went down this year in Palmeras, Peru. Thanks to everyone one who made it possible!
A day to day blog will be coming soon, with thoughts and reflections from each member on the team, as well as pictures and videos. STAY TUNED!

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