“Service is not one big goal, it is lots of small things that in the end, make a dramatic impact on someone’s life.” –Isabel Reback

“Service makes life worth living. There are so many wonderful people in this world, it breaks my heart to see so many struggle in poverty and ignorance.” –Jay Bosshardt

“I have been wanting to do a service trip for a long time, and Youthlinc gave me that opportunity. I loved my experience and want to continue to do service at home and even another trip!” –Hannah Hoj

“I learned so much about myself on this trip, which is exactly what I needed. I proved to myself that I can do this and be strong both mentally and physically.” –Caitlin
Service is about love and giving of yourself, rather than what you bring.”–John


“The people I have met in Cambodia are some of the brightest, happiest, and kindest people I have met in my entire life.  While our lifestyles seem worlds apart, we are all fundamentally the same.  -Jill Whitney

“I have learned to an even greater extent how much I enjoy serving others. It feels so good to look at the finished construction projects, the piles of medical and education supplies, and the kids smiling faces. We worked SO hard and it was totally worth it.” – Emma Stephens

“I will definitely continue to volunteer because I have realized it is so easy to make a difference if you’re willing to put in a little effort.” –Smita Sahay
“The best moment was bonding with all the kids and seeing how grateful they were for us. The worst part was saying goodbye.” –JJ Barth
“Youthlinc did a great job of providing guidance and support, while giving the committee the room to decide how to manage their responsibilities. The mentors and team leaders taught us simplicity and flexibility—two key tools to creating successful programs.” –John Bodine

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