Today we had to say goodbye to all of the sweet kids and villagers in Peak Sneng for the year.  We had a wonderful time playing with the kids, teaching English, helping the medical clinic, giving cows to people for the microenterprise group, sewing, teaching music lessons, visiting people in their homes, and working to “make the old school new again” as the principal said to us in the farewell speech.

We played games, sang and danced, and we able to feed the kids a donated lunch from the Rotary Club.  It was incredible to watch how grateful they were for their sandwich and then how they scurried straight to our sides to eat lunch with us as they sat on our laps and clung to our hands.

Saying goodbye is always hard and leaving all of those smiling faces as they waved farewell was bittersweet. We have all had a wonderful time and while looking forward to coming home to our soft beds we will miss Cambodia and the people very much.

“Most people are like you and me, or the people across the street or around the world from you and me. Just like you and me, their hearts tell them that somewhere, somehow, they can make a positive difference in the world. ”
William Baker –

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