Welcome to Banthomthang Lang School in Phang Nga, Thailand! 

After 24 hours of traveling through many skies and winding streets, the Youthlinc 2012 Thailand team has safely arrived!

Our first stop was the Erawan Kok Kloy Hotel in Phuket. Exhausted, everyone settled in for a much needed night of sleep. The following morning, we were greeted with a Thai style breakfast, fit with fried rice and soy noodles. After that, our four traveling vans were loaded and on the move to the Home and Life Orphanage. Greeted by smiling faces and red bracelets, we made our way through the bakery and coffee shop before moving on to painting three murals on the playroom walls. While some painted and played with the 16 orphans, others were able to participate in the preparation of a traditional Thai lunch. The day was a success and a very inspirational experience. Thank you Home and Life for welcoming us and allowing us to serve!

“I got in a paint fight with all of the kids at the orphanage. It was really fun, even though all of my clothes were covered in paint and basically ruined. The kids were great- even though we don’t speak the same language, I felt like there wasn’t really a language barrier because we were able to communicate and have fun with each other by just laughing and smiling. It was definitely something I will always remember.” -Kira Mercer.

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