Rehl Jensen is a Youthlinc Service Year Student and Team Blogger on the 2017-18 Nepal June Team. For the latest updates, be sure to follow our blog and social media – Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram!


The closing ceremonies were so special. You could really feel the special energy that the kids were putting off. It was a feeling of never wanting to leave and we were so happy with all that we had done. The relationships we made with the kids were something that will never compare to anything else. They were so special, I never wanted to leave them! I don’t think anyone did. We cried we laughed we smiled. Those were moments that I never will forget.




Coming home was a trek! 36 hours of traveling seemed so short compared to the 58 hours on the way there. We went all over from Singapore to Korea to LA to Utah!! We had a little bit of turbulence during the way… the team didn’t really like that. Other than that the traveling was great. The morning of, we ended up having to haul our luggage out of the stupa and across the busy road to the truck for all of our luggage! It was definitely a walk with all the bags but it was kind of an adventure.

This trip was easily the best decision of my life. I think many on my team would agree with me. It was something so special, you can try to explain what you saw and what you did to other people but you really just can’t explain it.  I think everyone should try to do volunteer work whether that is in or out of  our country. It makes you so happy!! The Nepal June team was amazing and I don’t think it would’ve been as cool with out them. Everyone was so nice and loving, we really worked hard to get things done! I love Nepal!