What a great week! We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, with a sweet scavenger hunt put together by Ali and Carolyn! Thank you guys!
On Wednesday, we had another 4H class where we learned how to build healthy relationships!
Finally… On Friday, the Visual Art Institute came and taught us how to draw cartoons! It was awesome to see how good some of us are at drawing.
 Sweet drawings BoBo!
They started off easy, and told us to just draw a simple stick figure of someone doing an action. Volunteers took turns being the “models” who held a certain action so that everyone could draw the figure of their body.
 Then, they told us to “fill in” the body with simple rectangles, to make the figure look more realistic. After learning how to draw bodies, we learned how to draw different expressions. They showed us how to draw a “mad” face, and then told us to try drawing sad and happy faces on our own. It was interesting to see what kinds of things were exaggerated in everyone’s drawings!
Gesan hard at work…
 Nice modeling for our “expressions!”
At the end, they had us put everything together of what we learned. We were given larger sheets of paper and were told to draw a body doing an action, and then put an exaggerated face on top! It was really cool to see how concentrated everyone was. We all sure do love to draw!
 Nice Wa Wa!
Way to go Peter! Teen of the week!

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