Erin Grieve is our Kenya spotlight person of the week. She is very energetic and outgoing. She loves skiing and more skiing. She likes a wide variety of music. She has a lot of favorite movies and tv shows but with everything she is doing I don’t see how she finds time to watch anything! She loves to cook and eat. She will try anything once as long as it is vegetarian. She loves dark chocolate, especially if there is some peanut butter mixed in as well. She already has her dream cars (lucky!!!). Some interesting places she has visited are Liberia (very cool) and Barbados(this month). She wants to go to Kenya because the Lion King was so cool and she has always wanted to participate in service for third world countries. We are excited to have her as a member of our group!

Scott visited Erin Grieve’s service site this week, which was serving food to the homeless at the St. Vincent DePaul center on Thursday December 16th. Erin coordinates a monthly project where the employees of the company she works for (Skull Candy) go to the center and feed the homeless. Her company pays for all the food, which she goes out and purchases, and then she makes sure the food gets to the kitchen where it is prepared. She also arranges for her co-workers to come to the shelter and setup, serve, and then cleanup after the dinner. This week they fed over 400 people who are in need of their generosity. It would be great if more companies like hers would step up and make similar contributions to those less fortunate people of our community. Kudos to Erin for not only volunteering her time but getting others involved in serving the community.

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