Our end-of-year Real Life party was such a blast. It was so fun to get together with our best friends for one last time (until next year, of course!). We had tons of prizes, treats, pictures, and an amazing slideshow put together by Ella! On top of all of this, every Real Lifer got their very own specialized award and tie-dyed t-shirt! 
 Our awesome tie-dye t-shirts we made last time at Real Life 🙂
 We have so many creative individuals..
As everyone began to arrive, they gazed at a long table full of pictures taken throughout the year. It brought back so many fun memories and reminded us how close we’ve all gotten since then. 
 Muang reminiscing! How cute ;).
 The incredible relationships we’ve built have affected us in so many ways! It was awesome to look at all of these picture to remind us of this fact. At the end of the party, each Real Lifer got their own “scrapbook” and was able to take a few pictures to add to it and take it home. Also, Ella made everyone a CD with her slideshow (full of pictures). We’ll never forget this amazing year!
 Near the beginning of the party, Julia and Lisa started handing out the awards and t-shirts to Real Lifers. Also, everyone got tickets for how many times they came to Real Life, and they were entered in a drawing to win lots of prizes! Hser Nay Paw came to Real Life over 40 times- you go girl!
 Of course, WaWa is as happy as can be, as always!
 Look at those tickets!
 Gesan and Sala came to Real Life the most out of anyone! Because of their dedication, they both one iPod shuffles!
 All of the friends we’ve made…
 Finally.. at the end of the party we filled up on ice cream sundaes! Look at all those toppings!! The day ended perfectly- hanging out with our best friends while stuffing our faces with sweets!
 WE LOVE REAL LIFE! See you all next year!!

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