Have you thought about the benefits of gifting investments to Youthlinc? Donating appreciated investments is an easy way to maximize your donation. By donating investments you have held for more than one year, you may be able to give more than if you sold the investment to make a cash donation (potentially 20%+ due to tax savings).  If you are 70 ½ or older, you can also donate up to $100,000 directly from your IRA without incurring taxes (Qualified Charitable Distribution) and will count towards your required minimum distribution.

One quick phone call can transfer these investments to Youthlinc and help us to achieve our capital campaign goals. Want to learn more? Contact Patti Monsoor at



Youthlinc is building a community center and office space. The campus will include office space for our five core programs, activity space to host an on-site Real Life mentoring program, play fields, and gardens.

We are seeking donations, large and small, to make this community campus a reality. There are a number of opportunities to support in bui lding a legacy location for the future humanitarians Youthlinc will help create.

Small Walkway Paver

Large Walkway Paver

Outdoor Bench (sold)

Small Recognition Plaque

Large Recognition Plaque

Outdoor Gazebo (sold)

Operations offices (x 9)

Real Life offices (x 4)

Community Garden

Executive Director office

Garden Courtyard

Kitchen (sold)













Real Life Conference (sold)

Basketball Court

Board Room (sold)

Playfield and Landscaping

Family Legacy Exhibit (3 left)


Music Center (sold)

Mountain View Deck

Computer Lab

Women’s Empowerment Hub

Real Life Work Space (1 left) 

Building Naming 













The simple act of caring is heroic.

Edward Albert

General Donation

Make a donation to Youthlinc to be allocated where it is needed most.

International Projects

Donate to support our projects that are completed abroad.

Real Life Program

Donate to Youthlinc's after school program for refugee and immigrant youth.

Donate to a Participant

Donate to a Youthlinc participants fundraising page.

Donate Items

Donate extra items to Youthlinc Projects

Legacy Sponsor

When you become a Legacy Sponsor at the minimum level of $1,000, your contribution offsets the international trip cost of a deserving student or mentor. We can choose the worthy individual, or you can. This choice must be made before each Service Year begins.

Make a Cash or Check Donation

A donation can be made by cash or check to any participant or youthlinc program. Please follow the steps to complete this donation.

  • Download Form
  • Complete form with proper information
  • Present form to Youthlinc office. Mail in with a check, or bring to the office with cash.
  • Download Form
  • Complete form with proper information
  • Contact the office 801-467-4417 during normal business hours (9am-5pm) to set up a drop off.

Make an In-Kind Donation

Donate items like Basic medical & first aid supplies, Educational materials- notebooks, pens, pencils, books, etc., Clothes, shoes, etc.

See a full list of accepted donations on the list below