The adventure continues. We woke up today, ate breakfast, and made our way through Addis Ababa to the airport. After a seemingly short 2 hour flight, we landed safe in Nairobi. We loaded up our buses and headed to Meru. There was so much to see and take in, it was almost overwhelming. We even saw a heard of Giraffes along the was. We stopped for gas about half way to Meru and I got to experience my first pit latrine. Due to traffic, the short 3.5 hour bus ride turned into near 6 hours. Nobody minded however. We all had our cameras out, waving to the kids, smiling the whole time. I have never felt so happy in my life. Its such a cool feeling. Upon arriving at the hospital for the night, one of our buses slipped into a ditch and was basically balancing on 2 wheels. Nobody was hurt and the bus ended up being fine, but it diffidently added to the memories. The nuns at the hospital are all amazingly nice and loving. I honestly feel safer here then i do in my own bed at home. I am excited to finally drive into Kiamuri tomorrow and begin working on all our projects we’ve all spend so long preparing.

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