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2021 Service Year Trips

COVID-19 has had unprecedented impact on the entire world and Youthlinc is no exception.  In April 2020 we made the heartbreaking and responsible decision to postpone all summer 2020 capstone international service and study abroad trips to 2021. 

As a result, all participants were given the option to accept a postponed trip date with NO financial penalty from airlines or our international vendors.  

We are optimistic that between scientific developments in COVID treatments, expanded COVID testing, better understanding of how to minimize transmission, and potential vaccines, that it will be possible for international travel to resume in advance of summer 2021. 

For more information on Youthlinc's refund policy:

Youthlinc Meetings and Gatherings

Masker N95


Youthlinc requires all participants to wear a mask while at the office or any Youthlinc event. All visitors will be required to socially distance at all gatherings.

Social Distance 2m


Team meetings will be held while maintaining social distance and a virtual option will be available.

Hand Sanitizer


Youthlinc sanitizes the office frequently and will do so throughout the course of meetings.


Before entry into the Youthlinc Office, everyone will need to pass a COVID screening and temperature check.

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